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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monday's stuff! Whew! Thank goodness it's over!

Monday - blew a tire on the trailer on I-95 and pulled off on Exit 58 south of Savannah. Full props to US Rider for sending a repair man promptly to change it out for the spare! Todd’s Auto and Truck Repair rocks!! 

If you are considering hauling anywhere, any length of time or distance, please take a look at US Rider and consider it for your back up plan of emergency assistance. They are set up to help equines and all of the hauling mishaps! They are assisting me with follow up insight as to repairing the damage to the trailer and replacing the tire also - simply wonderful as I am in unknown lands down here!
Although it was not apparent at that time, the tire bits slapping around inside the fender had damaged the exterior turn signal and all of the marker lights on the trailer. As I pulled back on to I-95 near Orlando, I realized I would be driving the trailer without the exterior lights and still had about 190 miles to go and not enough daylight to finish the drive. It was time to pull the hammer down! Fortunately, traffic was light and we had an uneventful trip to the amazing facility at White Fences. Catherine’s stable is magnificent and the staff and amenities too long to list! It is palatial!

The horses unloaded quietly and we made certain that they had plenty of fresh water and good hay until late check in the evening. 

Tuesday brought an early start to the day - 4:30 AM is rise and shine here! Time to get to making certain the horses have had a safe night’s rest and begin all the tasks to keep the barn running smoothly! Both Wendy and Wyatt are continuing to settle in nicely and I had a lovely day regaining my own sea legs after all that driving! Their rides were brief and casual enough to not tax their tired bodies and minds. 
I was able to observe a few lessons from a distance and catch snippets of the amazing horses that are in residence! It is so fun to be among the rock stars of the dressage world! It’s a happening place!

So it is about 8:30 and time to head back to the stables to tuck the horses in for the night. :) 

All my northern friends - stay safe in the mess Mother Nature is handing out to you all! What a mess! I will think lots of warm thoughts in your direction to hopeful push that storm off the coast sooner than later!

Until tomorrow’s update - Happy Riding!

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  1. It is great to read about your "grad school" adventures. Keep the posting up if you can.