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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'll keep it brief..

Only because this is not a socio political platform...just a blog about things that go on here at the farm.

But because my neck is stiff and my back is killing me from a pair of hairy and scary rides on Wyatt the past 2 days (note to self - he is terrified of the grinder noise on metal surfaces), here's what's up with the bridge -

Here is a full album of photos on the Farm Facebook Page. There are also several videos there that you can observe the workers cutting the plates loose directly over the water with no safe guards in place to catch the debris from entering the water supply.

So I'm not going to belabor the pollution, corruption and government sanctioned destruction of lives and public water. It's not worth it.

If anyone has any contacts in the News Media - please send them our way as this is going to affect far more than our little valley.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boy we got some rain!

The County came and rescued their pontoon pile from the floodwaters

But the County also cut our fence. Again.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bridge #21 stuff

Look what the county dropped in our pasture today -

So I fenced it off and had words with the job supervisor when he rolled out after 5pm to try to figure how to make it safe(r). No materials, no fencing supplies and in a small car...yeah, he was going to fix it alright. 

So as a heads up to all our clients that trailer in, please do not use the bridge any longer. They are removing a lot of the structural steel support over the next few days and dropping the weight class even lower. Now if they'd figure out a way to stop the loaded semi's and big trucks from using it, that would be handy but be cautious and come down the hill for lessons.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clinic Times

Friday - Understanding the Young/Green Horse, Improving Your Lateral Work
8:00 First Demo Begins **
9:00 Jen
9:45 Karin
10:30 Jill
11:15 Ric
12:00 Lynn
12:45 Jill
1:30 Fiona
2:15-3:15 Roundtable discussion and Q&A

Saturday - Executing Better Tests, Improving Collection
8:00 First Demo Begins **
9:00 Lauren
9:45 Jill
10:30 Lynn
11:15 Jen
12:00 Linda
12:45 Fiona
1:30 Jill
2:15 Pat
3:00-4:00 Round table discussion and Q&A

Sunday - Flying and Counting Changes (Teaching and Improving), Pirouettes
8:00 First Demo Begins **
9:00 Jill
9:45 Linda
10:30 Lauren
11:15 Lynn
12:00 Jill
12:45 Fiona
1:30 Pat
2:15-3:15 Round table discussion and Q&A
** - Demonstration rides will be going on throughout the day.

If our riders can check in and let me know the time(s) work, that would be grand. Otherwise, they stand as listed above.

Lunch will be served buffet style in the house at noon. A hot and cold option will be available as well as drinks in an ice chest and coffee in the morning.

We're looking forward to a super weekend!

Showing and getting into a rhythm

If you have done any reading on the training scale in dressage, you will come across a wonderful word - Rhythm. It plays a large part in so many of the actions that go into caring for horses - sweeping an aisle, grooming a horse, riding a good walk, trot or canter, leading them in from turnout or back to their pasture...there is a lovely flow and swing to each motion of the body and it flows when things are relaxed and calm.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter - losing your rhythm is a real problem. It creates unsettled feelings and a frown will crease your brow off and on during the day. At night, your mind wanders and you might fret about the things that are left undone or incomplete.

For a variety of reasons, my personal rhythm of working with the horses had been disrupted for a few days/weeks. At every turn it seemed as though there was something pushing me away from having a smooth day. Now, I try to not complain but there is a list of things that needs doing each day and having a good rhythm to the activities makes it quite fun! But alas, I lost my rhythm.

Today had a recognized show at Blue Goose just up the road with Wakanda in the schedule. She's been there before and had very good tests. She likes to show, so even though the rhythm has been thrown off lately - she is a fun horse. Which unfortunately spilled over into our tests today - I've lost the ability to dance with my sturdy friend in a flowing and harmonious manner! But hopefully the flow to our teamwork will come back soon and life will settle down a bit too.

In spite of my awareness of a lack of consistency and rhythm, she was pretty good. I was very pleased that she is accepting of the show environment and executed my commands politely. She is a forgiving horse in her own right and covered for me - which is such a large part of what makes her a pleasure to ride and compete!

Thanks to the crew here at the farm! Thanks to Blue Goose and their staff! Thanks to the supporters of Team Wendy!  We'll work hard at improving and fine tuning our rhythm! Thank you to the judges - all of the comments and feedback are so important to the process of becoming better dance partners!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Almost Clinic Time!!!

One last shout out for those who haven't contacted us to confirm riding/auditing - the schedule will go up this evening!
So if you are planning on riding - we need your name, your horses name, approximate level of training and a copy of your Coggins (can be brought with the horse).
Auditors - we're concerned about having enough food/drinks. Please pop an email to so we have an ample amount on hand.
Thank you so very much and we are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces this weekend!!