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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Any interest in Group Lessons on Wednesday or Thursday Afternoons?

We've had some requests for our Group Lessons to start back up! 

Wednesday or Thursday afternoons are the most requested days. As the farm settles back into "show mode" in the next few weeks, we should also be able to work a weekend session into the schedule.

These lessons are a great opportunity to acclimate your youngster to being a group situation or for riders to gain confidence in an arena with more than 2-3 horses going at the same time.

Spring is nearly upon us! For many of us that means the competition season approaches and it is time to address training conundrums, add in new exercises and challenges or get our young horses out and about in new locations in a socialized group experience!

With all of the above in mind, we will be offering a reduced Group Lesson Fee of $35 per horse for groups of 3 or more.

A Semi Private Lesson (just 2 horses) is reduced to $50.
This is a super opportunity to have a less intense environment to get some instruction and have a few minutes to practice on your own while the other rider(s) get some one on one help! With many years of FEI experience behind us this is a great chance to have a correct foundation established for both horse and rider!

These reduced fees will apply April 15th - June 1st, so it is time to band together, share the ring space and improve your riding and 
your horse's education!

Please email to set up the next group lesson!

ETA - Afternoon session(s) available on Sunday May 5th, Saturday May 11th, Sunday May 12th, Sunday May 19th also.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

As promised...a bit of the spring schedule!

Ok, the major steps in prepping for competition are in the works! Entries were mailed, the horses are solid in all the movements in the test, the Application of Intent is file with USEF, their Award Forms are on file with the AWR for the competition year and a tail coat was introduced yesterday! So lots of paperwork and plenty of training has gone on this week!!

The first show on the calendar is at Buck's County Horse Park on May 4th. Then PVDA's Spring Show at Morven Park on the 19th and ESDCTA at New Jersey Horse Park on the 26th will wrap up the qualifying shows for Wyatt and Wizard in the Developing Horse Prix St. Georges. We will see what the rest of the summer season holds for them at that point.

 After these two wrap up their spring show tour we will be announcing where some of the other horses will be seen competing and learning the ropes of being show horses! Quite a few of them are ready to show in the middle levels, so keep an eye out for more of our young superstars!


As You Wish @ Havarah Equestrian

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Schooling Snapshots! Show Schedule Forthcoming!

So there will be some big show schedule announcing going on this week! Get ready to see some of our horses in action!!!

But in the meantime...

Don William is making progress!

Dreamcatcher is fast becoming a farm favorite!


Tasker & Karyn

Kelsey & Tray

Dream Girl


Wall Street

Anne & As You Wish

Adelaide & Monika

Saturday, April 13, 2013

GREAT news! EHV-1 restrictions are lifted!!!

Well, there is a small * that should follow that statement - we do ask that you provide proof of vaccination for Rhino for outside horses shipping in but no more temperature logs will be required!!

Which means our on-site lessons are back to normal! Normal outside riders on our schoolmasters! Normal. Normal. Normal! :) We adore normal!

So email, text or phone in your requested lesson time/day/equine and we'll get crackin' on helping everyone that we can!

Thanks to everyone who was so proactive and honest in dealing with the outbreak in Ocala, FL! Your prudence helped keep our horses healthy and on track to successful competitions in 2013!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Some photos of what's been going on around the farm!

A bit of Monday morning wrap up of what's been happening around the farm through photos -

Dreamcatcher doing his canter sets
Waterlily doing her trot sets

Wakanda in her walk work
Adelaide helping teach a lesson
Dream Girl
Wallace working on her medium canter


Wichita Rose

Don William
Don William & Lauren
Atreo & Lauren

And then some "real" horse show news - Waldaire's son Warrick is competing in the Pre Green Division! Congratulations to all of his connections!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sights from around the farm!

A bright and sunny start to the day means lots of photos to shoot! Horses to work! And a good time to be had by all! :) 

Dreamcatcher had a lovely first ride in the outdoor! 

Don William trailed him doing trot and canter sets in the larger outdoor arena!

~Happy Riding!~

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ok, I've said it before but maybe this time it is true!

I think Spring might have arrived. Maybe. It's April Fool's Day though, so that makes things more complicated and rouses a bit of suspicion about what Mother Nature is up to. But the temperature is supposed to hit the mid-50's and although there is a predicted stiff breeze, that is not a late winter sort of a day, right? Well, we will see what actually happens and go from there! 

 The morning looks promising! 
Check back for more photos and videos later today!

On a slightly more serious note, Eurodressage has been running articles from a variety of authors and today's contribution is especially important for riders who may have gotten out of the groove of "riding" over the past few months. It is a follow up to the excellent piece from a few weeks ago. Even if you are a professional and scoff at "fearful" riders, it is important to read both of them and work on developing your empathy towards others.