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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool Article! Schooling photos!

US Eventing just published their new magazine and it has a super article about bringing Young Event Horses along written by Ryan Wood. It is just awesome to read a well articulated horse persons view from having brought along tons of youngsters! Just so refreshing!

We had a bit of a surprise though as we though the magazine was going to use of photograph of Whodini WF (Wizard's younger brother) jumping the ditch at True Prospect but alas...

From a dressage perspective, it is fun to see this! Especially since they ran a photo of Wizard! :) He does love to jump too! :)

Thanks to Brandon Hill for the super riding today! The horses were super and we're all loving the weather!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New videos!

Thanks to Brandon & Briana for the super rides!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Website updates, a happy Waldaire youngster's owner checks in!

Now in the hectic pace of everyone's life, I know you are just setting aside the time to browse through the farm website and check for grammatical errors and broken links! Lot of updates to the sales pages (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, Undersaddle, Dressage Royal Offspring), Waldaire has a new page - 2nd Generation (for his grand get), Dressage Royal has another photo gallery added, all the new videos are uploaded to Wylie, Wilona, Whodini, Wallace, Wizard, Wakanda, Sabrina, Savannah, Amelia, Waterlily, Daylily, Wall Street, Alexis, As You Wish's pages and I feel like I have forgotten a page or two. Hmmmm. Well, have a look when you have time! If you catch any errors, please pop an email my way - Thanks in advance!

And here is the second bit of super news -
This is a video of my favorie 2006 Waldaire Gelding, my horse Warrick, at his first horse show off the property. We went to Monmouth and he walked off the truck and acted like he had been doing this showing thing all his life. Couldnt have been any better! Thought youd enjoy seeing some of his recent video clips. Take Care!!!

with the accompanying video of Warrick.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Second round of videos!

Huge shout out of thanks to the group from Maryland who are so positive and kind with the horses! You guys are fantastic! Thank you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday's videos!

Some are longer, some are shorter! Let this post serve as a reminder to everyone to check how full the memory card is on your video device BEFORE arranging to have all the horses cleaned up and worked in less than 5 hours!!! :-D

Wilona WF 17th -

Wakanda WF 17th jump -

Whodini WF 17th flat-

Wakanda WF & Wylie WF 17th flat -

Wylie WF jumping 17th -

Alexis 17th -

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photos! Videos! Well eventually there will be videos added!

We've been really lucky this week! We have had several junior riders coming up from Maryland to ride our horses and help out around the farm! Copious amounts of gratitude go out to Brandon Hill, Michaela May and Briana Kenerson for all the great riding they have done for us as well as their patience when there is a technical snafu which results in a delay of filming or shooting photos. Their cheerful faces and positive attitudes radiate out to the horses and all of them are just enjoying every minute of each ride! So with another shout out of THANK YOU guys SO much here are the photos -

All riding is (as always) supervised under the alert visage of the Assistant Trainer aka Oreo the barn cat.

Brandon with As You Wish WF aka Kitty.

Brandon riding Wallace WF aka Lacey.

Alexis WF with Brandon up.

And then a gorgeous moment of Michaela jumping Alexis today!

Briana had super rides on Daylily WF aka Stella!

Brandon and Wakanda WF aka Wendy.

Briana rode our Whodini WF so beautifully! Just wait until you see the videos of today's rounds...simply breath taking! He's a top notch A prospect with a HUGE step & super jump!

Wilona had beautiful rides & rounds with Briana as well. She, too, is a top notch talent for the A hunters. Easy changes, laid back attitude...couldn't ask for a nicer horse to work with each day!

Briana has a real knack for soothing the horses she rides - and she and Wylie WF have really hit it off! Just wait till you see their videos!

Waterlily WF and Briana did a short lunging session and there will be some video added!

The young mares got trims today, so we took a few moments and shot some photos of them. This is Westerleigh WF a 2008 filly by Waldaire out of Southern Leigh WF. She is about 16.0 hands at the moment and still growing. Her barn name is Joy and that is the best way to describe her - she is a Joy to be around!

This is Dream Girl WF by Dressage Royal x Savannah WF. She is a bit taller than Joy but will probably not mature to quite the height of her full brother Don William WF. She is known as Daisy around the barn and was born in 2008 as well.

Next up is our Dolce Elise WF. Dolce is a very special girl to me as we have bonded a bit more than some of the others and recognize each other as equals on every level. She is also a full sister to Don William and Dream Girl but the 2009 model. Dolce is already close to 17 hands and certainly not done growing.

Last up of the photo shoot is Wichita Rose WF. Rosie is by Waldaire out of Amelia WF and a full sister to Wylie WF (above in the undersaddle photos). Rosie is already very close to, if not over, 17 hands, so we have allowed her an extra year to grow into herself. She is a 2007 model and will begin her undersaddle training in 2 weeks.

If any of the horses above interest you - please contact Anne for more information & pricing.