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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

The start of 2009 is upon us!So pop open a bottle of your favorite beverage and celebrate the wonderful memories that were the year 2008!

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2009 from all of us here at Watermark Farm!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to extend warm holiday wishes to everyone from all of us at Watermark Farm. Unfortunately, the weather has no cooperated to give me a lovely snowy farm-scape photo to share with you fact we are covered in a glossy layer of ice at the moment...but that does not detract from the spirit of the season!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Babies at large

Who are YOU?? Babies first meeting...

As it is a blustery afternoon, I decided to put together a bit of a slideshow of the various babies doing what babies do best...

You might ask yourself, what is it that babies do BEST?

The simple answer is 'to be so gosh-darn-cute!' :)

So enjoy the photos!

The first series is my homage to the pesky fly...

And now for the AWWWW moments...

And if only their necks were a bit longer...

And last but not least - some of them like to be FAST!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cool stuff around the farm before the day begins!

I sit looking past the monitor towards the outdoor ring typing away each morning - answering and sending out emails. This is my down time that gives me some time to organize the 'what HAS to be done today' list. :) But it is also turning into episodes of Wild Watermark on Display! Let me explain....

About 2 weeks ago, I got to watch the male peregrine falcon perch on the ring fence and then dive bomb the stand of bamboo and take his breakfast away with him. Same routine the next morning, only he chose to stand on the ground beneath the overhanging branches and then plunge up into the leaves to get his snack. This morning he was back again! He picked a 'swoop and dive technique' and was back again in about 15 minutes for a second course. But the falcon is not the only visitor of the wild variety...the resident dog fox trotted the perimeter of the outdoor yesterday and poked at the frozen puddle by C. What a gorgeous fox he it, too! Great mask & full brush...really stunning and healthy.

Mom was working Lacy a few weeks ago and the female peregrine swooped into the indoor and helped herself to a pigeon. From the scattered feathers that we find each week, that too is a common part of the peregrine's week. Of course, we don't complain as the pigeons are a nuisance.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Sales Listings for the farm

I do apologize in advance for the strange text in this post...but after 3 hours of fussing with it, I give up. If any listing is unclear or confusing - please just contact me through the farm website.


Some of these horses have been on the website for quite some time with out of date information... So please take a moment and read through the most current listing of our sales horses & equipment. Prices will be discussed in person or directly with Anne Rawle, not via the internet. Photos, video clips and additional information available by request.

If you do not see the exact equine partner that you are seeking, please contact us as we might know a breeder who has what you are searching for in your dream partner!

All horses will be sold into an approved home only and these listings are subject to change.

Savannah WF

(South American Way x Able Spirit WF by Abundance)

1999 16.3 Hand Chestnut Mare

Currently in foal to Dressage Royal for an late April foal, Savannah WF is an easy breeder, excellent mother, has only conceived via frozen semen to date – 80% single dose insemination, confirmed pregnancies.

Foal only option also available.

Wallstreet Rose

(Wallstreet Kid x Flashpoint xx by Flaming Rock)

1999 15.3 Hand Black Mare

Currently in foal to Waldaire with an early May due date, Gretta has proven to be an excellent, attentive mother, has been a riding horse in the past. Gretta was trained through 2nd level. She is not currently in an undersaddle program at this time. Gretta can be purchased with her '09 foal or without.

Unborn Waldaire Foal

(Waldaire x Sabrina WF [South American Way x Able Spirit by Abundance])

A full sibling to First Premiums Wolfgang WF (‘08) and Wei WF (’06) due in early June.

Unborn Avebury WF Foal

(Avebury WF x Amelia WF by Again & Again)

Amelia is currently in foal to Avebury WF for a mid-May foal. This foal will combine two of our current FEI horses – Atreo WF & Artesian WF, as the sire & dam are their full siblings. Amelia is from Again & Again’s last foal crop, so this is a rare opportunity to access the talent of Ruxton, Jackie Blue & Rushton with the elegance of Dekor & Adamant.

Unborn Dressage Royal Foal

(Dressage Royal x Abracadabra WF by Again & Again)

Our proven producer Emmy is in foal with a late May Dressage Royal foal. We are offering a COLT ONLY option at this time. 2008 full brother Dream Catcher WF was the Site Champion with an overall 8.2 Premier score. Wizard WF (2006 by Waldaire) was licensed in 2008 and Wakanda WF (2005 by Waldaire) placed in the top 5 in the Three Year Old Materiale at DAD.

Wolfgang WF

“Puck” is a 2008 chestnut colt with a lot of chrome to draw attention to his handsome self! He is a true sabino complete with roan patches, a belly spot, four high stockings, full blaze & sizeable snip…all of which takes a back seat to his powerful trot, ground covering walk & balanced canter. He is a fun colt to handle and is very reminiscent of his dam’s full brother Showtime WF who is enjoying great success as a hunter on the A circuit with his amateur owner. He should mature 16.2-3 hands and was graded a First Premium at his foal inspection with an overall score of 7.5.

Dreamcatcher WF

“Derek” is a 2008 chestnut colt with a spark that sets him apart from his pasture buddies! His movement & mechanics are phenomenal, his conformation is excellent and his temperament is lively with a good sense of how important he can be! He is graded as a Premier with an overall score of 8.2 (8.5 for movement) and being raised as a stallion prospect due to his exceptional quality. Half brother Wizard WF (2006 by Waldaire) was licensed in the fall of 2008.

Wall Street WF
“Hansel” is a lovely black 2007 gelding with an excellent shoulder angle, correct limbs and curious outgoing nature. Hansel should mature to about 16.0 hands. Truly an unflappable temperament…he is an amazing example of Waldaire’s excellent nature combined with the grace and movement of the proven Warkant x Eiger I cross. He received an overall score of 7.6 and a First Premium at his foal inspection. Hansel stands quietly for the vet, farrier and grooming and is a very sociable fellow in a nice package further enhanced by his long eyelashes and pretty face.

Don William WF

Liam is a lovely chestnut 2007 gelding who will be quite tall ~ 17+ hands at maturity. Good natured, friendly and cooperative best describe this sweet young man. He is a lovely mover who has been clearly stamped by Dressage Royal. At his foal inspection, his graceful movement earned an overall score of 7.4 and a First Premium. In many respects, Liam is a gentle giant with his big, soft eyes and strong desire to please those around him. Liam is maturing into a stunning horse with a kind nature and light footed gaits.

Whodini WF
This striking 2007 gelding with his distinguished markings separates himself from the other foals with his good movement, correct foundation and unflappable temperament. Whodini should mature to 15.2-16.0 hands. This compact powerhouse showed his excellent movement and earned a respectable 7.4 at his foal inspection and First Premium. Whodini is a fun colt – very smart and quick to learn new skills. Full brother Wizard WF is now a licensed stallion and their full sister Wakanda WF placed in the top 5 at DAD in the Three Year Old Mare Materiale in 2008!

Wyncote WF
Cody is a true show horse – he wants to be involved with everything whether it is a camera, a person visiting his field or just a car pausing by the roadside. He is going to be very tall (17.1+) and is a robust, cooperative 2007 gelding with unmistakable markings. Cody was a star and earned positive comments on his cadence & rhythm at his foal inspection where he garnered a First Premium with an overall score of 7.4. His sweet nature and strong desire to cooperate make him into a superstar even at such a young age. With his elastic and rhythmic gaits, he is suitable for many disciplines – you get to choose with this elegant fellow!

Wylie WF
Wylie is a 2006 filly that is the result of our blending of Again and Again’s exceptional movement with the outstanding character of Waldaire. This talented filly does not disappoint in any way. She is shedding out to be a rich red chestnut with a distinctive star, very small hind sock and flaxen mane & tail. Wylie is currently 16.1 hands and not finished growing! She will be lightly started in the fall of 2008 – buy her now and bond with her before her training begins!

Wilona WF
Lona is a true black 2006 filly with just enough chrome on her hind legs to attract your eye as she moves in the herd of chestnuts she is out with in the pasture. Her movement is light footed and pleasing to the eye with enormous engagement & eye pleasing mechanics. Her friendly personality and strong desire to be part of the action make her easy to catch and handle. Lona should mature to 16.1-2 hands and is very feminine both in her features & expression. She will be lightly started in the fall of 2008 – buy her now and bond with her before her training begins!

Wallace WF 2005 Dark Bay filly with elegant gaits and that special presence that draws attention wherever she goes. Lacy is sweet and affectionate with people and loves to be scratched. She stands quietly for shots, worming and the farrier. At the moment, she looks like she has great potential in the hunter/jumpers and eventing. Her er classy demeanor and spunky nature are impossible to miss. She is a leggy, athletic mare and currently stands a solid 16.3 hands. Like her sire and dam, she is a horse who is the first in line to see what is new in the field and is a very sweet, attentive horse. Lacy was competitive at DAD (Sept 2008), returning home with ribbons in all her classes. She is on track to show the USEF Four Year Olds Test in the spring of 2009. Her gaits are comfortable to ride and she is a naturally calm, laid back horse undersaddle. The excitement and chaos of the Devon show grounds were of little importance to her – she is focused on her rider and eager to please.

Wakanda WF
This 2005 dark chestnut filly who is a powerhouse of a mover in a compact package. Wendy currently stands 15.2 hands. She is extremely sweet and personable with an inquisitive nature. In the pasture, Wendy is the first to approach the people and truly an “in your pocket' type of horse. She craves attention and would like to be the focus of everyone's eyes. Her dam’s full brother was a successful FEI horse as is her sire, Waldaire. Wendy’s full brother Wizard WF is now a licensed stallion (2008)! She has the typical Waldaire/Again and Again engine and movement that is so predictable with this cross. When in motion, Wendy shows the strong influence and blending of both sides of her pedigree in her lightfooted movement, good engine and forward demeanor. She is a sensitive mare who is very attuned to her rider’s temperament & mood. Like Wallace, Wendy was very successful at DAD and is being prepped for the 2009 show season – specifically the USEF Four Year Old test. We do not recommend her as a horse for less advanced riders due to her natural forward moving big gaits & light mouth.

As You Wish WF
2001 Dark Bay mare 16.2 hands Kitty is schooling confidently over fences and is a balanced approach to her fences, good changes and excellent scope. She also has shown so much joy when jumping, it would be a waste for her to go to a dressage-only home...her naturally forward nature is shown to the fullest extent when she is approaching a fence...she is careful, soft & relaxed and goes with a confident step. Kitty's video is from the first sunny day that we could use our outdoor arena. Her fantastic ground covering canter delights both the observer and thrills the rider’s soul.

Wyatt WF
2004 Chestnut gelding with a flaxen mane and tail, currently 16.1 hands. Wyatt was the Inspection Site Champion and First Premium Premier stallion prospect and Reserve Champion for the East/Southeast Regions. Wyatt is a horse for the discriminating buyer with potential for the highest level of dressage. He received an overall score of *8* at his foal inspection and has continued to mature into a stunning youngster. This young horse is one that possesses the IT factor in spades…he is well aware of his importance in the world and how much we all should admire him – quite a character and a delight in the barn. Wyatt won the AWR IBC at Dressage at Devon and was very self possessed for all of his undersaddle competition. He was a delight to watch in the Dixon Oval and displayed his excellent, ground covering gaits during his Suitability & Materiale Classes. In the 4 & 5 Year Old Stallion/Gelding Materiale, he placed 8th out of 32 – only 1 other 4 year old was in the top 8 (and he went to the Markel YH Championships in KY placing 4th in the country), so we are delighted with Wyatt’s progress thus far. Wyatt is a big moving horse and not suitable for intermediate riders. He will continue to be prepped for the FEI 5 Year Olds in 2009.

Saddles For Sale:

17.5 American Flex Icelandic Saddle $1200.00 USD

Black, nearly new, new girth billets, includes booties – white quilted cotton with fleece underside.

16.5 Ortho Flex Cross Country $1200.00 USD

Havannah, nearly new condition, new girth billets.

Wizard WF (Waldaire/Again & Again) Licensed!!!

Our little Wizard WF a.k.a. Oz is now licensed for breeding by the AWR!

His dam Abracadabra WF delivered him just in the wee hours of May 20, 2006 with my assistance. As I peeled the placenta away from his face and then his front legs the only thing I could think was how much this little horse looked like my boy Wally! So I said, "Hello Wally!" and began to towel him dry.

He went on to be the Champion Horse at his foal inspection with an overall 8.0 score and at the conclusion of the Inspection Tour was named Top Foal in North America! He also attended the Fair Hill Breed Show in August and was Reserve Champion Colt. So not a shabby beginning for the minature Waldaire.

As he has grown and developed we are constantly amazed by exactly how similar he is to Waldaire. There are several standard jokes about how he is a Shrinky-Dink version of Wally or that I put Wally into the laundry on a HOT cycle and, like a wool sweater, Oz is the result! That is not to say that his dam & her genetics had little impact but the resemblance is uncanny when you see Waldaire and then get a glimpse of is just amazing!

So it was with great joy, we presented Oz to the AWR at our 2008 October Inspection for his preliminary licensing. HE PASSED!!!!!

So please enjoy the photo montage of the little colt who is fast becoming a lovely stallion.

FYI - We have no plans to stand him at stud for the time being. Sorry...he will begin his undersaddle career first.