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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday! It's time to get down to business!!

Mane Stream Hotmail & Catherine


Whew! What a night!! Global was rockin’ last night!!! What a thrill to be a part of Catherine’s team and help the boss get ready to strut her stuff!! We were all decked out in our Team USA gear and waving flags while Catherine had her freestyle debut with Hotmail! Boy they did a great job! A super test with high difficulty and risk and awesome music!!! I can not wait to see how they do at future competitions!! 

I had 2 lessons with The Boss today and they were both super! Wyatt worked on his pirouettes, the straightness and alignment in his changes and then getting better self carriage in his collected and medium trots. The pesky left pirouette is now the easy one - or at least it was today!! The right one was a bit tricky but we were both getting a bit hot and possibly tired as it’s been a hectic couple of days! Overall, I feel that he is getting ready to start putting the tests together and eyeball some show closing dates. My coats all fit, he’s looking good...soon. Very soon. 

Wendy had a super lesson working on her collected - medium - collected transitions in both trot and canter. I will admit that the heat was getting to me (and probably to her), so it was not our best work. Tomorrow will be better and we’ll be ready to sparkle in front of The Boss at that point! 

It has honestly been a very long series of days, so my apologies...but I am exhausted. Getting into the barn by 4:45 is taking its toll on me. Last night we got out of the barn after midnight. Add in dinner is almost ready and I just want to put my aching feet and screaming ankle up for a bit - there’s a thunderstorm on top of us that’s setting it off. Tomorrow is our “quiet” day, so I will do my best to finish editing the photos from Global and get them posted to the Farm Page on FB. 

Sorry to be slow. 

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