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Monday, February 24, 2014



Ahhhhh, a chance to catch up with myself!! I’ll be honest - yesterday was tough. The double lesson format going on less than 4 hours of sleep was a bit much in the heat! I am not complaining about having had the awesome experience of working for Catherine at Global...far from it! My riding was not up to snuff for either lesson (although the horses were good) so today was all about addressing the things I _know_ I can do better as a rider! 

Both horses were very, very good. Wendy worked on her half passes - improving the bend, angle and crossing while maintaining good forward energy and honestly up into the bridle with good rhythm! Good gracious that sounds like a lot...but it was truly quite refreshing to settle into the patterns that are so familiar and then use some haunches in or advance the shoulders as needed to tweak the work as we went along. We did a bunch of shoulder in - haunches in - renvers - travers on a circle followed up with shoulder in - medium - shoulder in on a circle. She was fabulous! We did a few lines of counting changes and some counter canter to keep her honest and then had a nice hack around the property.

Wyatt had a very light work with a serious plan - we focused on stretching at the withers and maintaining an honest connection with the bridle while working at about 2nd Level. There was quite a parade of traffic going past the front field where we were schooling, so Ms. White Range Rover - I saw you videoing my work. I hope that it met with your approval!! 

The rest of the day was spent catching up on household chores and the immense laundry pile that is generated with so many horses in work in Catherine’s busy stable. 

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