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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oh what a sad day!!!

I am going to confess a few sins along the way in this if that sort of thing bores you - don't bother to read much further. *sigh*

Dusty. Dirty. But oh so reliable!
In the everyday hustle and bustle a sturdy, well fitting pair of boots can not be overlooked. I am very hard on my clothes in the course of a day. Well made, high end breeches are hard to get more than 18 months of use. Boots have historically lasted less than a year. Paddocks and half chaps - even less as the leather is of lesser quality. Gloves are lucky to last 2-3 months at most. I will confess to going through barn shoes at an alarming rate. Socks too for what it's worth.

Well, my tale of woe for today is about the saddest event so far for 2013. My everyday kickers (aka the Petrie Freerider Boot) have had "ventilation"holes in the foot all winter and one of the zipper pulls was replaced about a year ago by a couple of paperclips and some duct tape. A few weeks ago, the zipper cover flap wore through on both sides of both boots where my calf is on the saddle flap. Today one of the zipper teeth pulled out and had the dreaded roll of silver tape called into action to be able to work horses for the rest of the day. *sigh* The end is upon us Trusty Boots. I can not maintain my professional image with large stripes of silver tape on my boots...even though my frugal side sees nothing wrong with squeezing a few more months of hard riding out of you! *sniff sniff*

See the boots look fine!
You see, these boots were/are my "go-to" comfortable brace for my left ankle. They've seen me get back into the saddle and had just the right amount of support while still being roomy enough for the compromised bits to keep quiet! My higher end/better quality boots are murder on the tendon and crunchy bits. Seriously. I hobble to walk anything more than 1 step in them. But they're pretty. These fine Russian Cowhide (think the cow lived near Chernobyl by chance??) Boots might look very abused now but they've survived countless mud puddles, bathing horses, moving hay, doing morning and night chores...they've kept me sound (sort of) and able to ride!

It's a disaster I tell you. Just a disaster.

Oh I think I forgot to mention that these were an Ebay find for $195 in 2011. My heart (and wallet) are very, very sad. I think I'm going to go shop for some black duct tape. They hold a personal best record for longevity in my care. We just passed 18 months of hard ab/use together. *sigh* They've been the easiest to transition from schooling-show with the least amount of difference in the way things "feel". *another big sigh*
This is the light brown option. Looks like dust to me!!!

As a side note - how much would the dark brown color bother you all? Or should I stick with black?

Friday, May 24, 2013

No Group Lesson 5/25 - too wet!!!

Sorry for the short notice - but we've gotten a lot of rain in the last 12 hours and have more in the forecast. The afternoon Group Lesson is canceled for this weekend.

Hope to see everyone next week on Saturday!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Even more videos...

First up - McDreamy!!!! aka Dreamcatcher WF. There really aren't enough words to describe how much fun this talented young horse is as a riding horse. Plenty of personality, loads of talent, sweet, sweet, sweet to work around... :) (yeah, I'm smitten)

Then there is Dream Girl WF aka Daisy! Miss Daisy is one fancy young mare and she makes sure everyone can see how special she is each and every day! She loves to work, has super gaits with a super trainable mind...there is a very bright future in store for this fine mare!

Contact for more information and pricing. Additional video footage will be added of all the current sales horses in the next 7-10 days depending the weather. Check back for links and updates!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Videos!!

First up is our Westerleigh WF aka Joy. Joy is a bit green but ready to go on and have a career with a kind and focused rider who has experience bringing along talented young horses over fences. She's about 16.2, substantial with a stunningly beautiful face. She is mentally matured enough to progress quickly in her training and the talent to go far with the right rider. 

Then we have the lovely and talented Whodini WF aka Who. He is a sweet horse who reminds us all very much of his damsire, Again and Again. 16.2, fancy, talented with a huge step - he has the talent to 
go on in any discipline. Who has gaits with a great deal of buoyancy - so he will need a rider with great independent balance, forward thinking and an appreciation of a big moving horse! 

All of these updated videos means our website is out of date, sync or what have you. That means all the individual pages will be getting updated by the weekend. If you are interested in a specific horse and don't feel the urge to poke around the website hunting for information, please feel free to contact us and we can send the links directly to you.

 Contact for more information and pricing.

More videos of sales horses are up!

Avebury WF (aka Dillon) is seeking a new rider who wants to do what he loves best - JUMP! Brave, sweet, scopey, talented and beautiful are the words that describe him best. He's done a 1*, has tons of mileage at Training and Preliminary, schooled through Intermediare I and has the talent and sound body to go out and keep competing with the right rider. Another possible career would be to go on in the Hunter Derbies - he has great style over a fence, easy flying changes and has "the look" for that avenue of sport.

Wallace WF (aka Lacey) is also looking for a talented and balanced rider who has a light seat, loves to have a forward and brave horse while they go out and see the world together. She has show miles, extensive dressage training and is a fun horse to ride every day.

Again, please contact for more information, to schedule an appointment and pricing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

New videos are going up of all the sales horses!

Yes! That's right!! All the horses that are currently for sale will be having new video footage added in the next 7-10 days!

First up is our Adamant x Volturno daughter who has extensive mileage as a Training Level event horse - As You Wish WF aka Kitty! She has a lovely gallop, experience as a foxhunter (no drugs!!), mileage in the dressage arena and has done the local hunters successfully. Suitable for an intermediate rider who has good balance and likes to jump!

Then there is the talented black Waldaire x Wallstreet Kid gelding - Wall Street WF aka Hansel! He really has a knack and preference for a jumping career!!! Still growing (no joke) and developing, he'd love to find a patient and experienced tall rider to bring him along...

If either of these horses grabs your attention, pop an email or give her a call!

As a side note - they are going on a whole lot of talent in all of these videos! I can't jump any more and we've been focusing on their flat work for months!!!

Group Lesson added 5/25! 2:30 PM - hope to see you there!

These group sessions are a super opportunity to acclimate both horse and rider to riding with several horses in the arena at the same time in a safe, supportive environment! 

Parking will be in the small pasture near the bridge. There is a 14' gate between the 2 pines. The open gates allow access to the outdoor ring. 

A second group can be added at 3:45 if there are more than 8 participants in the first group. 

If you are a first time rider here at WF, please bring a signed copy of our Waiver and your horse's Coggins. Scanned copies can also be emailed directly to Ellie.

Any questions -

$35 per horse

Please contact us or sign up on FB so we have an accurate headcount and don't start without you!

Oreo will be happy to supervise!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Days Sales Extravaganza!!!!

Here's the list of available in stock (at SBS Chesapeake City, MD) frozen semen available for purchase:

~Adamant $250/dose        ~Again and Again $300/dose        ~Avebury WF $250/dose       ~Dressage Royal $1050/dose      ~Showtime WF $200/dose         ~Waldaire $300/dose       ~Wizard WF $250/dose      ~Weltmeyer (2 doses/16 straws) $550/dose

So there are 2 Grand Prix stallions, 1 Intermediare stallion, 1 eventing stallion, 1 champion show hunter and one rising FEI stallion, plus Dressage Royal at the lowest price ever offered!!!

Payment by electronic funds or certified check.

There is also a wide selection of riding horses and youngstock available for purchase. Talented, sane, sound and scopey movers would like to have competitive careers and loving homes. Contact Anne for more information. Ages from 2-12 with appropriate levels of training for your consideration.

 Sale pricing applies from today (5/14/13) through the end of the month (5/31/13). No additional discounts can be applied. Please contact for more information or visit our website.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Where to begin...

I suppose it is best to start back at the beginning. Well, maybe not that far but a bit of history is going to come out in this blog.

Or maybe not. Perhaps it is going to be better to focus on the positives and what is just around the corner...barely out of reach...sort of like the morning sun peaking through the mist at the start of a cool day? I think I'll go with that instead! :)
 On Wednesday, we made the family trek up to the USET Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ for 2 days of intense training with Catherine Haddad Staller!!!

As I said on FB - Happiness is being at the USET!!

Catherine's Theault Horse Box

The home base of International Dressage, Inc. is now in the lower level of stalls at the USET!!! How fortunate I am/was/hope to be in the future to work with Catherine in such an amazing facility!!! I was last in the awesome stable at Gladstone in 1997 for a Jim Wofford Clinic...before that it was all the Young Riders Training Sessions and Festival. Fabulous memories and lots of education of both horse and rider await!! 

Our neighbors - Hotmail and Winyamaro

Due to some excessive nerves at the recent Buck's County show, it was extremely fortunate that Catherine was able to fit us into her busy teaching and training schedule so soon. New tools were put into use, lots of confirmation of what we've been doing is correct (thank you Mom!) and now a firm road map is laid out for the future! There will be more on that in a few days but for now the opportunity is there to take the lesson material and apply it across the board to all of the youngsters, mid level horses and those working on the harder, more technical exercises.

My notes are all typed up from the lessons, so there is a very clear picture of what to work on, how it feels and what to do if things are going slightly off track! It is not everyday that someone like me gets to work with a trainer as experienced in the international ranks, so it was a true honor to have so much of Catherine's time and focus.  :)

The first day back home with all the new training tools has gone extremely well.

There is a whole lot to be proud of at the moment and the ever elusive "10" is going to be sought out with more frequency!
Yeah, I was rubbernecking in the renovated indoor. :) 

So in conclusion, you will see us at competitions with lots of different horses in the coming months! They may not be in the classes, but they will be there to learn to relax in the competition environment and be more steady away from home. You will also see us schooling at various facilities with lots of horses! 2.5 years of not getting out much is about to be HISTORY!!! :) 

And I did feel like Arnold - "I'll be back!" 

Thank you to Catherine, the USET and the staff of International Dressage for allowing us to come up for training!! It was an amazing experience and hopefully one that can be repeated soon.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photos! Group Lesson reminder for the weekend!

Enjoy!!! These ares some photos from Saturday's adventure at Buck's County Horse Park! Thanks to the folks that make the show such a fun day for the rest of us - management, officials, volunteers!! You all are the best to give your time so that riders can have a fun day competing their horses!

Wizard is the dark chestnut. Wyatt is more of a peach color. :)

We'll be out and about frequently in the coming weeks in an effort to get them both more ring mileage and confidence in new locations! Keep your eyes peeled and say hi if you see us!

Reminder for our Group Lesson peeps - we have 2:30 groups both Saturday and Sunday (Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's a bit early). Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Group lessons are ON! Breeding news!

Interested in group lessons? We're starting with weekends - Sunday the 5th @ 2:30 is Group 1. You can email or sign up on the Event Page on FB. $35 a horse, please sign a waiver and scan it or bring it and a copy of your Coggins to the Session! Parking will be in the pasture near the bridge.

And then there is the breeding news - we have our first confirmed Dressage Royal pregnancy of 2013 from a client with a 12 year old maiden SPA Hanoverian mare! Just 1 dose was used!! Congratulations!!!!!