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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sunrise looking west from the stable
Sunday is theoretically the Lord's Day and a day of rest. As the turnout is a bit limited, both of my horses had light work outs today and were super stars.

Wyatt looking towards the south
There is laundry to do, a run to the feed store, grocery store, general cleaning in the house and then evening stables still to go...oh and lunch. Then dinner and    B-E-D. I am tired and it is a busy week coming up with two horses in the Nation's Cup classes at Global! One small tour and one big tour! Very exciting and I can't wait to take some photos to share with you all!

There are new albums on the Farm Page - so check them out and I'll try to stay on top of updates this week!!

Wendy on the buckle enjoying some hacking


  1. Are you planning on showing at all down there? Or is all studying and no tests

  2. I got my show clothes out of the trailer today! ;)