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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So much to cram into a day!!

Yesterday was crazy busy! (it was a typical Monday here in the busy stable of International Dressage apparently!)

But by my standards - we were hopping!! Our usual start time at 4:30 just had us finishing morning stables on time and then it was time for a quick breakfast, then tack up horses for Catherine and Patrick,  watch some lessons, then have some lessons - which I'll get to in a second and then more horses, chores, stables and then eventually some dinner. Which is somehow making a day that was jam packed with a ton of work and hectic scrambling seem so mundane and quiet! (must meditate on why that is at some point!)

So onto the lessons! Just last week, Catherine had taken away my stirrups to help get my knee up in the position where it belonged to allow my hip and pelvis angles do what they need to do so I no longer block the energy from the hindlegs from coming up through the back, into the withers and up into the poll. I think the Boss gave my seat a stamp of approval as she said the change is "the best thing she has done for my riding!" Plus the horses could not be going any better, so they agree as well!

Wyatt was my first lesson when it was still relatively cool. We had an amazing lesson with a strong focus on using my seat instead of my reins, perfecting our canter pirouettes and then improving our elasticity and straightness in the flying changes! There is not much to say beyond it is going great! The pirouettes are much better and I can start and stop them at will with good balance, uphill quality and control of the placement and forward energy. She is happy. I am happy and Wyatt finds them easy and fun now!  *picture a victory dance as they have been tricky for both of us to improve*

Wendy's lesson was in the heat of the day but she came out and did her best work to date! Lots more swing from her back, softness under the saddle and big push from behind with good lifting of the withers. She is a delight to ride every day as her neck and jaw are not an issue - she is uncomplicated in the bridle and getting more elastic in her connection under the saddle. :) Our medium trots were stellar show quality and I'm beginning to think she'll be ready for a horse show here at White Fences in a few weeks!

Today was move in day and Jog Day at Global for the big 2014 CDIO Wellington, so check the farm page for new photos and some snapshots from today. 

I am going to be working some at Global for Patrick and Catherine as well as time here at ID, so updates will be spotty until a real schedule is firmed up. There are not enough hours in a day but it is so much fun to be back in the big leagues of the CDI world! 

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