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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wednesday - Friday

Love the life of being in the thick of things at a CDI!!! 

What a fantastic couple of days!! Super show riding! Super training and lessons! Star quality big name trainers, horses and riders to watch all day long...just about perfection on a day to day basis! :) Add in fantastic tests from The Boss and Mane Stream Hotmail and I’d say life is pretty darn good!!! 

That all being said - I have tons of photos from the Grand Prix to edit and upload to the Farm Page so everyone can see what’s going on in the world of Hotmail, so be sure to check that link out in a day or so.

Moonlight at Global before Hotmail's test
So working backwards on the schedule for today - tonight is the USET’s big event in the Stadium Tent - “Prancing with the Stars” - so I’ll report back on who’s the best dancer in the dressage arena these days! Will be Adrienne, Shelly, Todd or Cesar? Only time will tell!!! :) I’ll see if I can snag a photo or two to share but it’s looking like a good line up and plenty of fun for all. 

It was Pi Day, so a crepe was dinner!
There are lessons starting in about 10 minutes here at the stable and I’m on the list mid-day with Wyatt. Wendy had a fantastic school yesterday - such a thrill to be cantering towards the mirror and doing changes and I’ll I can see is 2 legs with no wriggling! Such a good girl to maintain her straightness and self carriage!! Her lateral work continues to improve as do her half steps. I’m holding off on the Spanish Walk a bit as she now offers it as soon as she thinks it would be useful...which is not when I am opening a gate or asking for a quiet halt. ;) She’s such an overachiever! But her changes are what I’m most proud of - they’ve really gotten to be something special!

And that same moon was up when I started chores!
Speaking of changes, Wyatt has also upped the ante on that front. All of them (any count or singles) are getting more uphill and balanced. The word “light footed” might even begin to apply soon too! His piaffe and passage are also coming along no complaints at my end with The Peach. :) 

So I think that is what is what for today. It’s time to rally and get out there and begin the learning process with a good cup of coffee in hand!

Happy Riding!!!

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