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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday! Showtime!!


Whew! What a day! I had a super fun time at the show cheering for our stable mates and all the lovely horses who tried so hard! Wyatt was a very good boy about our whole adventure today! He hacked alongside the road with traffic (other horses, bicycles, scooters, cars, trucks and trailers) and past the other Casa Lusitania resident horses that were enjoying some mid day turnout with no fussing or tension. He warmed up very nicely and we had a good test. I’ll stick to “good” as the description as I under performed as a rider and blanked out after our first canter pirouette. Totally lost my focus. *sigh* Oh well. We got lots of good feedback from the “S” judge and a nice score of 65.676%. So there are lots of things to work on for the future and I am pleased with how the training is progressing.

Wendy was very good in our afternoon training. She is making very good progress - perhaps it is her fancy new accommodations that have helped her to blossom into being more impressive? Who knows? At any rate, I was pleased with her self carriage, impulsion, relaxation of the topline and use of the hind legs. As always, the contact and connection was very nice and she is voting for more time down here as we can start to work on harder things tomorrow! 

Speaking of tomorrow - it’s our ‘day off’! I think there is a barn trip to have breakfast as a group to celebrate a good show and then I’ll do some light work with both horses to get them out of their stalls for a bit. 

There are tons of photos to edit and upload, so check the FB Page and I’ll try to get them up by the evening. 

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