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Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Wow. A whole month has gone by already!! Time is flying and while my brain feels overly full some of the time. Overall the reality of the schedule and routine of an international FEI training system has sunk in a bit and I am comfortable with the daily schedule and sequence of exercises. :) 

Wyatt is making huge progress and Wendy is a daily joy to refine my aids and timing while improving her execution of the exercises. It is really fun to know what to expect from both horses in terms of connection, self carriage and the commitment from the hindlegs from the start of each ride. Today’s work focused on the improvement of our trot tour and the fluidity of the lateral work for Wyatt and polishing the canter pirouettes. He was a very good boy and I offered him many apologies for not having been a better rider sooner. Wendy got to help me improve my walk pirouettes, the angle and bend in the half pass and shoulder in and then school some working pirouettes in the canter. She is such a fun horse - if my timing is good and I am discreet in the way I ask (translate as polite, not forceful), she is spot on perfect! Totally black and white in the response, so it is really rewarding to have such an honest partner. 

The afternoon adventures included a run to the feed store and a quick trip into the grocery store for some fresh salad makings and fruit. Nothing particularly exciting - but very much necessary. 

Tomorrow stands a good chance of being a bit stormy and that incoming weather has my ankle screaming, so it is soon to be time for some sleep with another busy day tomorrow. 

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