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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another day in paradise!

Today has had a fabulous start - the sky is pretty clear, there is a good breeze and everyone who has lost their winter tolerance of cold(er) weather is complaining that they're freezing! :)

We have Rien in residence for one more day of instruction and lessons - such a great opportunity to learn and apply the training system that makes such good sense to the horses and riders!!! Positive, forward with a clear reward system - color me happy and thrilled to be here just a wee bit longer learning all that I can!

Entries are in for the next show at White Fences for both Wendy and Wyatt. I'm going to keep Wendy in the Third 2 as we both like the test pattern (I vaguely remember it) and Wyatt will take another stab at the PSG. Wendy is really capable of doing a harder test but it has been quite a while since I showed 2 horses in different tests 2 days in a row, so I am trying to be prudent and not have more to worry about this time around. Her working canter pirouettes are really solid and becoming quite fun, so that is something we will continue to refine in the coming weeks. 4th Level and PSG will definitely be in her future once we are home! And perhaps I can be more focused and bump Wyatt up to I1 and leave those pesky 4 tempis and half pirouettes behind!! ;)

In the meantime, the 5* CDI is starting today at Global for Mane Stream Hotmail and Catherine, so it will be a super learning opportunity to go steal with my eyes some more.

Stay warm! Stay safe!! See you all SOON!!!

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