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Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Wyatt @ WFEC 
Ahhhhh, a day to catch up a bit! I had a very nice hack on Wendy and worked some basic stretching and lateral work to help her stretch the muscles that tie her shoulders into her body - she was carrying quite a bit of asymmetrical tension that was coming out in her changes with a big reach into the left to right change. So hopefully that will help things out for Tuesday’s training.

Wyatt had a nice leisurely hand grazing session to give him some time out of the box. He is quite funny - he’ll use his far vision, focus on a distant horse/person/object and then grow about a hand and snort. LOL Then he remembers he could be eating and resumes his lawn mowing! Very funny and just classic Wyatt!

So Tuesday will bring more training time. The Boss has a very full schedule, so I think we’ll be working in and around her other students. Or perhaps on the lawn in front of the stable...just have to play it by ear!

Mane Stream Hotmail
Speaking of The Boss - did you all see her lovely article about bringing Hotmail along as an international Grand Prix horse? I strongly recommend taking the time to read it!

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