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Saturday, March 8, 2014

And the beat keeps marching on...


Test practicing day! I finally made time to memorize the 4th 2. 

Wendy in her stall
Time to keep practicing that test!

Which I promptly forgot as soon as I nailed my 2nd canter pirouette!


So I’ll sum up the past few days in a few sentences. The training has been more about my (lack of) ability to focus and settle down mentally to ride a test movement by movement rather than skimming over the details and hurrying the work. Catherine has provided excellent coaching and riding tips to center myself and Wyatt (and Wendy for that matter) and execute each movement to the best of our ability. Things are much better now and I am feeling confident about showing tomorrow. 

Wendy has moved down the street to Kim’s stable for a while. She is calm and grounded about hacking around the circle and her stall is needed for another client of Catherine’s. So far she is loving her new space and very happy about having 2 windows to look out at the world. Her neighbor Dallas thinks she is the right color, so it will be interesting to have more time to spend in a different location while we’re here. 

Which brings me to the reality of being down here - at some point I will be coming home. I am not 100% sure of when that will be. Tomorrow’s show will dictate quite a bit of that, honestly. If we (I) can get it together to organize the test properly and show off Wyatt’s gaits - I would like to stay for the recognized show here at White Fences near the end of the month. Partially to see how we do in front of some S judges that I haven’t shown under and also to get a jump on the competition season. The training is really starting to blossom and show big improvements for both horses, so wish us luck! It would be really fun to be all set to show as soon as we head North!

If you are wanting to get a jump on your dressage before I am home, please contact to set up a lesson. She is more than qualified to help you all out until I get back!!! 

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