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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two steps forward, one step back

It has been ages since I have had time to blog about what I've been working on with the 2 horses, activities in the stable and the show at White Fences Equestrian Center. There may have even been a CDI in there for Catherine, too...but it is all running together in the fast paced, hectic days where we are all trying to get as much accomplished as possible with just enough energy to do it all over again the next day!

So I'll get to what the horses have been up to - Wyatt and I have been hard at work putting the polish on the PSG! We've fine tuned the centerline entrance, the halt, the move off and the proper set up for the first extended trot and all the transitions in between. Then there is the approach for the shoulder in, volte, half pass another diagonal of extended trot, and the same lateral exercises on the other rein. Catherine gave me excellent advice on how to ride better collected- extended-collected walk and then I got to use Mom's super tools for better walk pirouettes! The canter work has been a bit of fun for the past few weeks - The Boss has given me a challenge to improve the work and we have done our best to rise to the occasion - some days are better than others but it is a big improvement in just a short amount of time. Our left canter pirouette is now rock solid. The right one is improving and if my left leg were a tad more reliable - I think it would have come on board just as quickly. Wyatt can only do what I ask of him, so it is a credit to his good nature that he tries so hard to please.

Wendy has been my "practice this until you have the timing, positioning and mental focus down!" horse for the whole trip and such a star about essentially being a 'school horse' for me. She has vastly improved her self carriage and connection - while allowing me to work on all of the exercises that Wyatt has been preparing to show off in the competition arena. Patrick has also been a huge help from the ground and her Spanish Walk is pretty super! That particular exercise has helped to free up her shoulders and allow greater reach out of her withers - pretty fun stuff if you ask me!

Hacking Wendy back to the stable
There is a CDI 5* this week at Global and that means several crazy busy days are almost upon us. Morton Thompsen was in the area last week for training and I was able to go watch one day. Rien is arriving tomorrow for training here at the stable, so it will be interesting to be at ringside for another fascinating series of lessons and training. I'll be taking tons of notes - never fear! There is a gigantic blog in the works about the training and execution of different movements...too much to put into this blog.

So that brings me to the final topic of today's blog! When shall I be heading home? Soon is the best answer that I can give. If it works into the schedule, I might squeeze one more week of training in after the 5* and then hurry home to get crackin' on all the fabulous horses that are pining to go back into full work! Hopefully I can bring warm(er) weather back with me!! That would put me back in PA to resume teaching and training around the 4th of April. Golly, time has just flown! As soon as I can firm up a departure date, I'll post more and let you all know. In the meantime, stay warm, stay safe and get ready for an awesome 2014!!

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