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Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 days? That's all? Time is flying!


What a fun day! The morning stables were uneventful and productive. Catherine’s Grand Prix was early in the day, so we trundled over to Global to watch her test and then it was on to doing our own horses back at the stable. I had a nice school on Wyatt with some helpful advice from Patrick and then a good hack on Wendy around the circle. She is somewhat concerned about the large rocks that border some of the driveways - but other than that - it is no big deal to pass shrubs, flowers, bushes, fallen palm fronds, gated driveways, potholes, sandy paths...she handles it all very calmly. 

Tomorrow is the Freestyle for Catherine and it will be at night under the lights, so we will have plenty of time to do the stables, ride and then hopefully go over and watch some of the competition that is going on outside of the stadium arena. 


Busy. Busy. Busy. That’s what a day in this stable really means - lots of errands to coordinate, horses to work and care for and then a super fun horse and rider combination to go cheer for in the evening! I had a super ride on Wendy to start the morning. We schooled on the grass in front of the stable as the arena was a bit too wet from some showers that passed through overnight. We worked on her straightness in the flying changes and overall relaxation in the trot work without a huge emphasis on mediums or anything too extreme as it was a touch slippery on the dewy grass. No sense risking an injury pushing for big movement when there is still so much time to train left on the docket! 

Meredith with Catherine's new puppy Jocko! 
Wyatt had a good stretching work and then we schooled a fair amount of his piaffe and passage. He finds that work simple and easy, so like Wendy, I felt it was smarter to do movements without a ton of velocity on the grass. He is gaining a great deal of strength and stamina - so much fun to work with a gifted horse!

So I spent the afternoon at Global watching and studying the different horse and rider combinations before it was time to help Team Hotmail get ready to school and show. There is a wide variety of attire (more on that later) and different colored helmets, coats and breeches are “normal” here. Bling is still in and boots with different colored leather(s) are also in abundance at every level.

Sunrise in Loxahatchee


There was a good deal of fog rolling off of the canal this morning as I did the stables on that side of the property. Boots has a litter of babies - lots of chirping and squeaking as the daylight breaks through the trees. 

It is our day off today, so I will be just lunging Wendy and Wyatt to get them out of their boxes for a bit later in the morning. Then there is some housework, laundry and my brown boots have a date with polish! 

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