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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wizard WF video added!

There are moments when you are raising horses when you can take a step back, soften your visual focus and breathe a sigh of relief, pride and accomplishment...because THERE it is - your masterpiece! The culmination of years of effort (planning a breeding, getting the mare in foal, raising the baby without injury(self inflicted of course), training the young horse into a responsible's just a great moment. Really. Then the next morning you wake up, go out to greet your youngster and are forced to ask - where did that big head come from?!?! Because overnight, your darling's head grew 2 sizes! And that means the rest of the horse is about to grow again, too!

So with that in mind - here is Wizard's video from True Prospect -

The bit has gone down 2 full holes in the last month, so we knew it was coming but...I'm thinking he'll finish 16.1-2 hands. But that is going to take a while longer. *sigh*

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