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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Website updates!

Some of the riding horse pages are updated! A few of the Sales Pages are also getting new video links, photos and descriptions added! So check out the FARM SITE when you have a chance to see the changes!

Speaking of changes - Bill Alphin (photographer par excellence) of A & A Photography mailed me a DVD of my first show of Don William WF from back at the beginning of May! The photos are awesome (as always) and I'll share a few here...

Bill is also going to be on hand for our AWR/NASPR Inspection on July 10th! Please contact him to arrange for a private shoot - his work is just awesome and he is one of the kindest human beings out there, so it always great fun to work with Bill! :)

Now, when I started to mention Bill I used the word changes. And that is because of the change you will see in my position since the beginning of May. Having done a fair amount of riding and then working with Catherine Haddad Staller last week, I am very pleased to see my hip angle is opening, my body is balancing better over my hips and the horses are all going better because of these shifts in my position. I was honestly shocked to see how much my body was canted forward when I started opening the photos from Bill - it was a moment of 'oh no! was it really THAT bad?' and I debated (for a minute) even posting the images. But we are all here to learn and nothing says "I'm changing" better than a few photographs about a month apart! So while it is still very much a work in progress and will be a struggle for quite some time, but I can see the difference already! More photos will follow in the next month and hopefully there will continue to be improvement for both the horse horses and me!

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