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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some photos, a link worth checking out, farm news...

More Don William WF photos from the ever-so-awesome Bill Alphin of A & A Photography!

And some snapshots from this morning off the iPhone -
How I managed to make Stella (Daylily WF)'s head look awkward, I will never know?!?!? Oh well, she was a good girl and almost ready to resume her undersaddle work.

Wizard is also enjoying the cooler weather. These snaps were from a few minutes before we went to work on our 15m counter canter circles, trot & canter half passes, walk pirouettes, leg yeilds and flying changes. :) Gotta love the talented 5 year old!!! After I finished up - a breeding client had a lovely ride on him and jumped him a bit - which was a bit of fun for Oz. :)

For those of you who were asking about the saddle I got to try at the Catherine Haddad-Staller clinic - it was a Biomex seat on the Stubben Genesis D and I rode in an 18" which fit my length of thigh perfectly! Love, love, love this saddle! You can read up on the saddle, the construction and the design concept HERE.

And then for a final bit of fun - Oreo was happy to supervise from underneath the Pin Oak Tree for the morning. While we worked 14 horses, he was busy grooming and napping...the great life of a cat here at Watermark Farm!

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