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Sunday, June 5, 2011

We have an exciting week just ahead!

Whewww! The weekend is not quite over and we are already gearing up for a busy week here at Watermark Farm! Thanks to Bill for brining in 1800+ bales of lovely hay and to the guys to unloading so much already this year. The barns are filling up already and that is a very good thing!

First thing tomorrow Wizard WF has a date down at the fabulous new facility at SBS in Chesapeake City, MD.

Then it's time to scurry home and work some of the other horses until mid-afternoon.

After that, it's time time to grab a snack, load up some horses and make the trek over to True Prospect Farm for Ryan to school a few.

After they are done, we'll travel back to the farm, do up the night barn and pack the trailer. Pack the trailer did you ask? Why yes! Pack the trailer!

Wyatt and Ellie have an awesome learning opportunity on Tuesday! They are participating in a Catherine Haddad Clinic!!! So that means a bath for Wyatt and tack to clean as well.

So that gets us to Wednesday...and I have a sneaking suspicion that Wednesday will be on the hectic side of normal as well with either some stallions to haul to SBS or horses to school with Ryan...we'll play it by ear.

Thursday is blacksmith day to trim a bunch of the youngsters, so that makes for a busy day.

I'm not quite sure I want to think about what the weekend is too far away to plan that much in advance given all that has to be done between now and then! :)

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