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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An early school over at True Prospect!

We are getting quite a heatwave for June! It was supposed to hit 99* today here on the farm, so there was an early run to SBS for Wizard to add to our stock of frozen semen for use here in North America then it was off to True Prospect with Avebury WF & Don William WF!

I hadn't had time to to pull my knee rolls off the dressage saddle that was packed but I used Liam (Don William) as my 'practice' horse for utilizing the tools Catherine had given me. Like his half brother Wyatt - Liam was very sensitive and attentive to everything I ask of him! And it is so, so, so much easier to ride when I use my body correctly and sit properly!

Ryan had a super school on Dillon (Avebury) and they are off to compete at Seneca Valley PC Horse Trials in the Open Preliminary division next weekend!

Thanks to Katie for all the super photos and the help getting everything organized for us to do the quick turnaround from SBS - True Prospect! :) Thanks to Mom for reminding me to 'sit on my back pockets' from time to time! It is an unequaled benefit to have such knowledgeable eyes on the ground while riding!!!!

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