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Friday, June 24, 2011

Snapshots from the road & around the farm! More photos & videos tomorrow!

So today actually was a bit slow for us! :)

Here's the lowdown on what went on -
Morning barn, mom cleaned a mountain of tack, I pulled manes on the sales stock

then it was time to retrieve the truck from the dealership (which somehow missed the 'must be done, picked up by noon' when I dropped it off yesterday - so it's not had the oil change it needed), 'discuss' the situation with the Manager of the GM side, scamper home, hitch up, drive Wizard to SBS in Chesapeake City for a collection (21 billion - good boy!), zip back home, unload, pack the trailer to take 3 to True Prospect to school, load the horses, mom & I helped Ryan shuffle through the horses, load back up, drive home, unload, finish night barn, turnout, unpack the trailer and mom wiped off all the tack (again).

So while I didn't get any photos of the horses schooling today - they were fantastic! Banks, ditches, water, portables, logs...they did it all! And everyone was a first timer over all the material! :) So it was a very good afternoon!

Here is a picture of Stella (aka Daylily WF) after her mane was shortened.

Notice the big yawn? She stood like a statue for the whole pulling process - never fussed or wiggled - just a lady about the whole thing! :) She is really living up to her 'Top Foal in North America' title these days and we'll have some undersaddle photos next week to share with everyone!

Speaking of sharing photos, I snapped these on the way to SBS today -

We've had lines of heavy downpours rolling through every few hours and this was blasting Oxford as I was driving from the farm towards Rt. 10. The top photo is actually one of my all time favorites because of the intense clouds...but my inner photographer was squirming about only having an iPhone to shoot with. Oh and an antsy stallion in the trailer plus my guilty conscience that I should NOT be shooting even at a stop sign. *sigh* It WAS really pretty though! :)

So tomorrow we are showing some horses for sale and I will shoot new photos & videos while they are working with Ryan and (hopefully) get those uploaded overnight so we can all enjoy them on Sunday. :)

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