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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Videos, photos and more!

Mom and I did some riding in the morning

Then it was time to shoot some video of Puck & McDreamy - who are also known as Wolgang & Dreamcatcher!

Here is my favorite of the still images that were also shot at that time -

After a quick bite of lunch, we moved Wallstreet Rose & her 2011 Wizard WF filly Wendolyn plus the 2 yearlings Windrose & Waverleigh (aka Gretta, Lynnie, Bailey & Izzy) to the outdoor ring for a bit of fun and time in front of the camera...

Highlight images -

And of course there are a few images of the some of the other four legged animals here -

Oreo shall not miss a photo opportunity!

and Puck (Wolgang WF) smiled for the camera in his usual charming fashion -

Wei WF was quite curious about the relocation of the mare & young horses -

And when we caught the 2 2008 geldings, the '09s came up to say hello as well -

So I think that's everything! More photos & videos to follow later today of the excitement on this fine Thursday!

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