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Friday, June 17, 2011

Schooling & baby photos plus a BIG good luck Avebury!

I'll start with the easy part - everyone needs to send lots of good thoughts to Ryan Wood and our stallion Avebury WF this weekend! They are going Open Preliminary at Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials! So good luck & have fun Team Avebury!!!

And we are enjoying one of the nicest weeks ever in the weather department! Every day has been in the mid 70's with a breeze, some clouds here and there...just ideal for riding and working the horses!

Here are some snaps from the morning's list -

First up is our newest working student Katie with the schoolmaster best known as Tasker!

They've had just a few rides to get to know one another and are developing a lovely partnership!

My horses are going to be slightly out of order...these are the best shots of Alexis WF (Avebury's full sister). Avebury is much more refined than the big girl - she's every bit of 17.2 and honestly the MOST comfortable horse we've ever bred. Her gaits are beyond smooth and she is usually my choice for the last horse to sit on before taking a lunch break around 3 pm as she allows me to work on my position and technique when the body is very fatigued. Such a good girl!

My 3rd horse of the morning only has a snapshot off of the iPhone to contribute -

This is the view from up on Liam (aka Don William WF). Camera's are funny things as this does not convey how far away the ground is at all...but if you look at 'H' it is rather far away and teensy looking! :)

Horse #2 was none other than Mr. Powerful aka Wyatt. He had a full coat of Weltmeyer power on this morning and really wanted to cover some ground. Since I'm doing my darnedest to keep my leg where it belongs, there ends up being a fair amount of compromise between the two of us. Sometimes it comes out in my position (well, ok. usually it is my feet or elbows that give up first) or he ends up losing the push from my seat because I've lost my position and then I end up touching his mouth just a bit too much...the struggle goes on though and bless him for using his power for good (99% of the time) and not evil purposes.

My day's riding started with none other than Wizard WF - I am trying to practice the 'Eat dessert FIRST' philosophy when it comes to picking which horses to ride when. Or at least when picking the 1st of the day! :)

"Oz" is really coming into his own while being a very busy breeding stallion. Mom and I are consistently delighted by his focus, athleticism and incredible canter. His trot and walk are also very, very good...but the canter is just phenomenal. :)

The day started with a few snaps of our Wendolyn WF (by Wizard). She is quite sunbleached and a bit muddy from last night's rain but she has her daddy's canter!!! Add in some easy changes and lots of suspension and extension in her trot! Of course, getting photos of this lovely trot is nearly impossible but believe me - it's fantastic!

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