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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The older foals are growing up...

Whenever you (or I) go out in the pasture, Amelia takes "little" Louie for a romp so that you can admire her beautiful colt by Avebury WF.

He is a pure Watermark Farm product of several generations on both sides of his pedigree -

The scope and elasticity of his gaits is mind boggling. Combine that with his gentle and sweet nature...and, well, we couldn't be more pleased!

Not to be outdone by her cousin is our darling first born of 2009, Dolce Elise WF.
She is maturing nicely at one month of age. As her name implies, she is quite sweet and very interested in the person in her space - whether it be the stall, pasture or just, well, anywhere she is! :)

When I went into the pasture to take pictures this afternoon, Drummond WF was busy with his nap...

Once he decided it was time to get up, he took a leisurely stroll in my direction and then followed his mother for a more ambitious bit of excercise!

Such a character!


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