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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More bridge excitement

Well, there were more 'bidders' inspecting the bridge again today. When we returned from voting, the youngstock in the pasture across the street (west/southwest of the bridge) had run through the fence. This is the second time since Friday's great I suppose the last bidder must have spooked the youngsters after we left to go vote.

Puck's left hock is about double the size it was this morning when he was in the barn getting his hooves trimmed. He must have gotten tangled in the fence material and struggled to free himself while his buddies galloped off...

The vet will be out in the morning for the broodmares anyway, so she'll take a look at it then. From the way it looks, it is just a write off for his saleability & career as an upper level horse. What a waste.

Poor Puck.

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