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Monday, May 18, 2009

Fair Hill Horse Trials

While I was home minding the broodmares who want to stay pregnant for another year, Sally Cousins ( rocked the Fair Hill Horse Trials! She won with Kestrel Key (Open Intermediate A), won with Tell Me Why (Open Intermediate B), had a second with Troy (Open Intermediate B), had a fourth with Yukon Denali (Open Preliminary A), a seventh with Joule (Open Preliminary B), had a second with Silvester Z (Open Training A) and Montmorenci (Open Novice B) was 11th, Beltane (Open Training E) was 12th, Harrison was 10th (Open Training E) while our As You Wish WF (Open Novice D) was 12th with 2 rails in Stadium. There were rider protests to the Stadium designers about the course construction and with many horses being eliminated, we are not unhappy with her first outing since March as her cross country was a dream and once she knocks a bit of the rust off...things should be much smoother!

With all those rides - Sally had only a few time penalties on cross country!! NO stops or other penalties for that phase! The challenging stadium venue lead to other problems for many competitors but Sally's excellent training kept her horses very much in the running in all 3 phases!

Her husband Nat was seventh in Open Training C with his horse Crispin! Congratulations Nat!

Our thanks go out to Team Cousins for all their help and support! Mom and Dad said they had a very fun time going back to a competition area that we haven't seen in a decade!

Photos to follow as I find them on line!

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