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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Big congratulations go out to Sally Cousins ( for her win at the recent MCTA at Shawan Downs in the Intermediate B division on Kestrel Key!

There was a 20 point difference that helped secure her win! Way to go Sally! Her other horses - Beltane, Montmorenci, Harrison & Tsunami) had good experiences as well!

The MCTA success follows closely on the tail of her very positive outing at Loudown with another win on Tell Me Why! She has Jersey Fresh in just 2 more as results come back, I'll keep you all updated!

Check out her website for an updated view of her calendar, clinic and competition schedule!

More congratulations go out to Ellie Luther and Abundantly Giving (Giver) by Adamant on their win at the Fair Hill Starter Trials!!!

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