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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Government Pork right on our road!!!!

So we all have heard about the Stimulus Package(s), right??? Well, there is a demolition planned for our little bridge at the bottom of our road in just a few weeks!!!!

Apparently, it is rated as the third WORST bridge in Chester County!!! And there are no records of it being completely rebuilt about 6 years ago...

The workers had tents set up underneath for several months while they sandblasted the paint away from the underside of the metal work...presumably to keep lead paint from going into the Muddy Run.

It was quite an adventure to have no access to the farm from that direction and while we were still doing our breeding work here on the would certainly change things if all our trips to SBS meant going via 896!

It is amazing to think this recently repaired, restored and rebuilt bridge would be demolished to make way for a extra wide, modern, mega-bridge...what a waste of tax payer money!!!!!

But does this look like a bridge that has been left to ruin for 28 years???????

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