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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's that time of year!

The first hay fields have been cut! So we all know what that's almost time to throw & stack hay bales!!!! I'll get some photos of the equipment (and people) in action so you all can see what it looks like to fill the barns for next year!

There was a bit of a bummer last week - after weeks of careful preparation, Plantation Field canceled their event on Saturday due to wet footing. Poor Kitty was so ready to compete too! Oh well...she has another event in just a few more weeks, so we'll keep her primed.

Our baby girl out of Savannah has a name at long last! Dolce Elise WF. She also have a new You Tube video of her antics which helped solidify her name -

I'll snap some photos when they're out this morning as she is showing off a fabulous trot these days...just another beauty by Dressage Royal! :)

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