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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I had some fence to mend, so...

There is a bit of fence (hot tape) that secures the young boys in the pasture across the road that got taken down by the youngsters after they bolted away from the bridge bidders. :( As we would prefer that the horses stay out of our neighbors cow pasture - it needed to be replaced today! So while I was out mending fence the boys came over for a visit!

Puck (aka Wolfgang WF) was very relaxed about the whole experience. He's a typical Waldaire - too busy eating to fuss a whole lot but always happy to have a visitor in his pasture...because you _might_ have some food for him! But he'll settle for a scratch and a pat with no fuss or drama like the good boy that he is!

McDreamy (aka Derek or Dreamcatcher WF) thought I was a bit scary and showed off some special gaits as he sported around the pasture. He is quite a bit taller than his half siblings by Waldaire...some day he will be a big horse! But in the meantime, he's pretty cute stuff!

After that hard exercise, McDreamy was happy to settle back to eating...he saw Puck had the best idea of the day - FOOD!

Hansel (Wall Street WF) was entranced with the camera and did his best to show off his lovely long eyelashes while attempting to help with the fencing project. He is quickly maturing into a delightful combination of his sire & dam...

Cody (Wyncote WF), Liam (Don William WF) and Whodini WF were down at the steam getting a drink and noticed that there was a camera in action and they were being left out of the shot...

Wouldn't that have been a shame????

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