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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OINK! OINK!!! WARNING!!! Government PORK ahead!!!!!!!!

Remember me blogging about wasteful government spending??????

Check this out!!!

County officials sent a repair crew out last week and informed us that they had to do "critical" repairs on 4 of the steel trusses beneath the road surface that had been damaged since the 2002-3 repair work. They have been sending out a repair crew to"work" on the Watermark Rd. bridge for the past couple of week. The crew chief has been very careful to warn us of loud noises and entering the pastures, etc. Today they finished removing all the steel which was added during the 2002-2003 total renovation of the bridge and dropped the weight limit from 10 tons to 8 tons.

Amazing to think that all of the 'repair work' needed to be removed in just 9 years! And now the bridge is incapable of handling the weight that it carried previously. Hmmmmmmm. Smells fishy to me.

OINK! OINK!!!!!!! OINK!!!!!!!!!!!

PORK! Government bloody pork project!!!! I cry foul for all the tax payers of Chester County!!!! A project that took months of planning, repair work, engineers and TAX DOLLARS is being erased in time to....wait for it......SPREND MORE BLOODY MONEY!!!!!!

Is anyone else annoyed by this????

Bring on November! I can't wait to vote every single incumbent out of office. To hell with party affiliation. If they've been there for a term and haven't found a way to get things done - it's time to get out and let someone else in to clean up the mess!!!
That's the bridge last fall (September 2011)

And this is from March 22nd -

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