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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Thank You List for an awesome clinic

So it is 4 AM on Wednesday morning and I am coming off of a 2 day riding with Catherine Haddad Staller clinic high. If you have not seen her ride or had the opportunity to enjoy her teaching, well, you are missing out on a large portion of your horse and rider education. Catherine explains everything, the horses improve and it is a feeling like none other to be working ever closer to an improved connection with your horse's higher potential. I am a fan to say the least!

But first I have to thank all the folks who made my super 2 days possible! First off - mom and dad get a huge amount of credit for allowing me to work with Catherine. They also get an immeasurable amount of gratitude for the lovely horses that I have the privilege of riding each day. Mom did all the driving for this adventure and Dad was my head cheerleader, so THANK YOU.

Huge thanks also go out to Randy and the entire Hawk Hollow Ranch crew for all their hard work in organizing the clinic. It is a wonderful facility and so organized into an efficient and friendly atmosphere with outstanding footing!

It would be silly to write this post and not thank Catherine. She is hands down the best teacher for all levels of riders that I have encountered besides my mother. They are teaching from the same manual of training, so there is no conflict of 'how to' in either riding or teaching the horse a new exercise. Her enthusiasm is unmatched as is the level of instruction. I am in awe of her skills and will leave it at that. It was an honor to have her worth with Wizard and say what she did about him (more on that later).

Thanks also go out to Stubben for their Genesis Special D. My horses love it. I love it. I can ride and feel all that I need to and it does not hinder or restrict what I need to do while I am up there. There truly are not enough words to describe how important it is to have a saddle that allows your body to work with the I'll stop there. If anyone would like to have a no pressure ride in one, please feel free to contact me and you can try mine here at the farm. It is nicely broken in now and has lots of good ju-ju, so I'm happy to share how much of a difference Stubben has made in my life. Or if you would rather not have me chirping away about how much I love my Stubben - pop me a note and I can put you in contact with my saddle rep and he will come to you to do a full fitting. :)

We will be doing a small write up about the clinic and what Catherine had to say about Wizard. It is not every day that a top international rider gets on your 6 year old breeding stallion and says what she says...or at least not in our world. :) So check back for the 'official' write up!

Happy Riding!

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