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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching up!

Funny thing about going away for a couple of days to refresh the teaching/training memory fall behind on all the other work that goes on around the farm! *sigh* The price of being busy, I suppose. The horses are all progressing in leaps and bounds - lots of fun to have so many working on more advanced skills! :) We've also had a very dry start to the spring, so having a rainy Sunday at long's time to catch up on a few of the other projects!

 In any case, the Farm Page on FB has just rolled past 8400 Fans. This is the official shout out of THANKS to all of our supporters for the comments, the LIKES, the feedback and support. You guys are the best and we really appreciate your input!

 Speaking of input - since the clinic there has been an increase of outside interest in Wizard. He is not currently for sale.

 We do have his daughter Wendolyn WF for sale! She is out of our super producing Wallstreet Kid mare. If you would like one who's similar to him with longer legs and a more expressive trot - consider Whodini! That's Wizard's full brother - just one year younger!

Or if you would like one very similar but with a dark jacket - there is Wall Street WF, Wallace WF or Wendolyn WF to start a 'who's who' for your shopping adventure!

 Are you seeking a lighter type with a round trot and loads of suspension - then Drummond WF and Dreamcatcher WF should be on your 'must see' list! They are super fancy! Dreamcatcher is ready to go to work in a serious way now!

 Are you a mid sized adult or junior who wants to have a top notch partner to do in several disciplines? Check out Wilona, Wylie and Wakanda! These girls love to jump and have some serious style over a fence all the while being perfectly content to be dressage horses...

 Or maybe you are a Hunter rider...then Wilson is your guy! He has the classic hunter trot with a big step, beautiful face and tasteful chrome! Don't like bay geldings, hmmm, then consider Waverleigh, Westerleigh or Windrose! Flashy markings, pretty faces and lots of potential for the hunters!

 There are still plenty to choose from! Don William, Dream Girl, As You Wish...we've got a bunch undersaddle, some started and some ready to start! Prices are negotiable to show homes and experienced riders.

 If you are not feeling the love for their outdated pages - never fear! A huge website overhaul is about to happen!!! Some videos can be found here to tide you over... Waterlily WF
 Dreamcatcher WF
 Wolfgang WF
 Westerleigh WF
 Wei WF
Wichita Rose WF
 Dream Girl WF and while this youngster is not for sale, here's our Dolce Elise WF.

 Or this album on FB has a few snapshots of the current sales list. The young horses are current on their vaccinations, trimming and receive regular handling. They have been started in direct correlation to their physical development with an eye towards long term viability as riding horses. The riding horses are all in a training program that is customized to what each individual horse needs in order to progress up the levels. We are a detail oriented barn and prefer to treat them as individuals rather than a set age/training goal/high pressure situation. A sound FEI horse is our end goal, so keep that in mind! :)

 So I think that's everything I need to upload for now. There are some photos of the riding horses but I have to wait for You Tube to have the last video upload to put those up. That means you'll have to come back for another look to see Wallace, Wakanda, Whodini, Don William and Wilona's latest photos. :) Or check them out on FB!

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