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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

7400 FANS!!! Another Clinic!

So the Farm Page is up to 7400 Fans!!!! A big shout out of THANK YOU goes out to all our supporters for the LIKES, comments and feedback! We really appreciate it and love your input!!! We try to put up interesting photos and links to important information in the horse industry, so as our fan base keeps growing, I guess it's going ok! :) THANK YOU!!!!

We have a second Long Lining Clinic that needs to have some more feedback on what dates work best for the most people - please take a moment and vote HERE.

And finally, we will be hosting a Sport Horse Conformation and Movement Clinic on Saturday May 5th. This is being run so as to help breeders and owners of sport equines (so ponies are welcome) to understand how conformation impacts performance and movement. If there is interest, a free jumping session will be included after lunch.

Clinic sign up forms will be on the website this evening.

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