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Friday, April 6, 2012

7600 Fans! Schooling photos! A reminder! Clinic News!

Hmmmm, where to start? Well, I'll go with the order I typed stuff into the header...

That means first we have a small celebration to get started!

We rolled 7600 Fans on the Farm Page yesterday. As of 6AM, we're halfway to 7700 - which is just flat out cool! The country of Jordan is still our heavy hitter in the demographics department with France a close second. It is really fun to interact with our fans and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their input, comments and interest in our farm. Thank you guys! You are the best!

So that brings us to schooling photos! Wizard WF is steadily improving and making us all laugh on a daily basis. And that bit of laughter needs to be explained! You see Oz (as he is known around the barn) looks almost identical to his father Waldaire. Same markings, same coarse, curly mane, same canter with easy flying riding him is sort of a flashback to 2004. But he is also smart as a whip like Again and Again and very precocious as to learning new it is a challenge to stay a few steps ahead of him! In that regard he is like his mother and her full brother Alacazam!
Wizard (Left)
Waldaire (Right)

So he's got easy flying changes. And when I say easy - they are easy to the big deal. But he is a bit smart - if I get too centered, he starts to bounce my legs and take over! Hmmmm....this feels familiar! I must step up my game and help him to count cleanly!!! But it would also help if an attack of gleeful giggles did not dissolve my core strength at the same time! ;) Things to work on...

For now, he is doing a canter zigzag - over in one direction for a set number of strides, straighten, collect, flying change, go forward softly, and back over we go. Rinse and repeat!

And speaking of easy things - Wyatt WF (by Weltmeyer) continues to work on his elasticity. Power has never been a problem for this guy! Our massage therapist gave him a once over a few weeks ago and declared his back to be the strongest that she's put her hands on! And my back agrees! He is so much fun, though! The harder the work, the more buttery soft and pliable he becomes! He's also a delight to train since he mentally 'settles' as the work increases in difficulty! Very, very interesting in the mental chess game of teaching a 1400 pound creature to listen to the most subtle of commands! :)

Thirdly, please SHARE this blog post with anyone, everyone and their cousin. We are desperately trying to stop the ridiculous waste of $12 million dollars that is being spent on a bridge to NOWHERE. I do not have enough followers here on the blog, but have asked all the fans of the Farm Page on FB to get the word out. Help trim the fat. Thank you.

Ah, number four on the list! Clinics! We are hosting a Sport Horse Handling and Conformation Clinic on May 5th.

A Free Jumping Clinic will also take place in the afternoon if there is enough interest. I promise to get the sign up sheets on the Calendar Page tonight!

We are going to push our Long Lining Clinic into the middle of May due to conflicts at this end. Sorry for any is getting hectic with the show season descending upon us! There are some awesome photos from the March Clinic HERE. There is a sign up sheet in the March section of the Calendar - so it is can be used for the May clinic. We'll be running a poll on the Farm Page, so please let us know what date(s) work best.

So I think that's everything for now.

We are going to be taking Wizard and Wyatt up to work with Catherine Haddad Staller next week, so be ready to check back for photos and videos from their lessons. I will also blog about my rides and what we work on with each of them.

Happy riding!

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