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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Voting is just around the corner!!!

So it is almost time to hold our politicians accountable! Mark your calendars - either the hard copy ones or on your Smart Phones! Get out the VOTE!!

Let's get a hold of the wasteful spending and those who are rubber stamping projects like this one!!!!! After all, what is another $12,000,000??? Who cares what the water supply is like for the City of Chester?

Come on Upper Oxford Township - we need to support Joe Sexton (a write in candidate) for Township Supervisor. He is opposed to wasteful projects like this one! The recent purchase of a backhoe by the current township officials is inexcusable. The one that was owned & paid for the township residents was in need of a NEW BATTERY. There was nothing else wrong with it. But NO!!! Our Supervisors purchased a BRAND NEW $58,000.00 Backhoe instead of simply replacing an inexpensive part. THIS IS INEXCUSABLE!!!! And as a write in - you need to not vote a straight party ticket - fill in your circles, write in his name...let's put a stop to irresponsible government - local, regional and national!!!

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