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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Farm photos, musings, a bit of this and that...

I'll start with a few images of the Master of All He Surveys - Oreo

Then we'll move on to the silly riding mares that thought nothing of a chilly afternoon and had a bit of a swim -

We have had quite a bit of rain over the past few weeks, so they had been restricted to small(er) paddocks and on the worst of days - just some time in the indoor perhaps that explains the gusto they put into getting wet? Silly girls!

Stubben N.A. was also kind enough to send the ever-so-awesome certified saddle fitter Keith Brooks to the farm for a few hours this week! Keith did a number of fittings - both dressage and jumping saddles for clients and everyone was quite pleased with how the time was spent, the knowledge they gained and how the horses improved!

Lastly, please enjoy some images of the paper mill ruins on the east of our property (hence the watermark in Watermark Farm) -

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