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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deep Frozen Discount Ends November 7th at Midnight! Plus a really cool article link!

That's right all you bargain hunters! Our 50% Off Sale on in stock Frozen Semen ends at Midnight EST November 7th!

We extended the sale for 1 week due to the catastrophic weather that hit New England over the weekend. On CNN this morning the powers that be are reporting 'hopefully Friday' when asked when the electricity will be restored. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are trying to care for their livestock in these conditions.

So now on to some cheerier news!

CHECK OUT Catherine's blog entry for The Chronicle of the Horse!!! Master Horseman George Morris has a ride on her Winyamaro!!!! Enjoy the video and her thoughts - such a treat to have insight into the mind of a top rider & trainer!

(and as an aside - Catherine is the coolest lady out there! She wiling shares her own saddles with students, teaches the most fantastic lessons, is a superstar of a competitor and is flat out GENEROUS in every way! What a class act!)

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