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Monday, November 14, 2011

Some farm photos, a sad loss and some reminders...

So those are some snapshots from around the farm over the weekend! We're blessed to have so many lovely horses to interact with each day! And then to add in some of Mother Nature's gorgeous's just a WOW kind of a life!

We have several saddles that have gone to a local consignment shop so if you are in the market for a wonderful saddle that fits a variety of horses with little to no adjusting, please get in touch with Crossroads Tack Shop in Lebanon, PA. Steph and her mom run a great business and we are quite excited to see the saddles go into 'good homes' where they will get more use!

Our sincere condolences go out to the entire International Dressage Team on the loss of Catherine Haddad Staller's Cadillac 35. He was a brilliant star that has left far too soon. There are really no words that can explain the devastating loss of a equine partner, so I will just leave the topic with I am so sorry for your loss.

Speaking of Catherine - Stubben N.A. will be on site on the 22nd, so if you would like to schedule a fitting or test ride, please contact

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