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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alrighty history buffs - sit back and enjoy!

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan (cough understatement of the century cough) of Waldaire!

Well, one of the reasons is because of his stellar mother line! His maternal lines are a consolidation of some of the best performance blood in Germany with the results to back up the bragging rights! His grandmother
Daktary was a very successful Grand Prix horse here on the East Coast from the late 80's through the 90's.

Her full brother was Cindy Ishoy's Olympic mount Dynasty!

So you can all imagine how happy I was to find a video on the Willi Schulteis (Reitmeister) page on Facebook! I'm not sure the video will link directly but if you have time, take the 15 minutes out of your day, go to the Farm Page and enjoy the master riding a bit of our equine 'family'!

And now people can understand why I love riding with my mom and Catherine on our horses. It all flows seamlessly from generation to generation of horses to riders! :) The training system from Mr. Schultheis worked on the ancestors, so of course it works on the current horses! They are relatives and very similar in their a wonderful example of the full circle of training techniques! :)

Happy riding!

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