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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some schooling photos and a couple of reminders

I'll start with the boring stuff - reminding people of things to put on the 'To Do List'!

First, as competitors, it is our job to know the rules of the Governing Body (USEF) and to make sure that our horses comply with them as well. There are changes in the Drugs and Medications Rules for 2012 and the new competition year begins in just a few weeks! So read up on a few of them HERE and go to the USEF for the entire rule book.

Second, the election may have come and gone but as citizens it is our responsibility to hold those elected officials accountable for their promises, pledges and commitments. Keep the pressure on with letters, emails and phone calls if you have time...there is no better way to get things done than to make sure your voice is heard!! If they are drawing a salary from the government - they owe us some fiscal responsibility and accountability!

As for the $12,000,000 Elephant on the Coffee Table at the bottom of our road - well, as far as I know - the project is still a go. So with that in mind, I'll shift over to the equine side of my brain...we have to prepare to lose the training facility and raising pastures here on the farm as it is all in close proximity to the bridge. With that in mind, we have numerous riding horses for sale, the prices are negotiable to competition homes and the broodmares and young horses will have to be either sold or relocated. We will be reduced to 1 large pasture (currently the retirees field), 1 stallion paddock, 2 small paddocks and a 3 acre pasture - essentially a third of the turnout space we have currently and a complete loss of the outdoor arena. All training will be done in the indoor arena year round (and you all can see me just smiling away at THAT idea on a hot airless August day), so we will have quite a shift in how business is conducted here on a daily basis. With the typical high humidity and temperatures, it is possible I will shift into night mode and do my training after dark when the construction workers are gone...but even the thought of that makes my mind rebel - nighttime is for sleeping! I'm no vampire!! I would love to say that the project is a non-issue and the business will be fine, but the liability of large construction, noise pollution, environmental damage and unpredictable nature of equines leaves us with no option at this time. So if you are considering an equine purchase - a riding horse, a youngster to bring along...please consider coming to the farm to see them in the flesh. The project is supposed to being in 2013, so we do have a bit of time but I would rather see the horses go into good situations and make people happy in their show homes. Some of the horses are very amateur suitable with their movement (very good), their minds (calm and reliable) and talent (well above average) and the workable mindset that if the rider is talented and dedicated - the upper levels are well within reach while some of the others are more suited to riders who lean more towards professional status (ride more than 2 horses per day 5 days each week and have experience bringing babies along). The horses that fall into either category are all very enjoyable to work with and have great potential...but as it says on the Sales Page we try to place our horses into appropriate situations that match their rider's skill level and ambition rather than just making a sale and pocketing the money. Ethics I suppose...

Speaking of horses - check out the photos of Wyatt (by Weltmeyer) and Wizard (by Waldaire). Also take note of the T-shirt from yesterday!!! It was gorgeous outside and an amazing day for November!

Wizard is coming along like gangbusters! I can't articulate how awesome this young stallion really is...but here's a quick attempt - flying changes are sooooo easy and just another gait in his mind. His half pass is coming along nicely. The trot is getting a lot more swing and suspension and his medium trot is starting to sparkle. Oh and he's only 5! Each ride he reminds me more of Waldaire - only better!! (ssssssh, don't tell Wally!!!) :)

So I think that's, the elections, the rules changes for 2012, horses for sale, where some of the riding horses are in their training...

Happy riding!!

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