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Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is a rare thing...and some photos

It is a really rare day that you have more than 3 horses be perfect in every possible way when you are riding. Yesterday was basically a dream come true. I had 7 to ride and each and every horse was perfect. They have all been super all week, so it is not a huge surprise that they were good...but I can't ever remember having all of them (and it is a bit out of the ordinary that I have 7 to do) and they are perfect. The day started with Tasker, then Tray, Artie, Lexy, Wyatt, Lacey and then Kitty to finish...I am still glowing. In the past, there have been days when a couple of them are really good, but like people, many horses can just get up on the wrong side of their stall, so being bossed around by a person isn't what they want to do. Yesterday certainly wasn't one of those days. I hope I can remember it for years to come as it really was a fantastic bunch of rides! The weather was perfect too, so this has been a super week!

On another front (and this is the more interesting tidbit), I am loving getting to jump more often. And the jumps are getting a bit bigger! My relationship with Kitty has reached a really good point and we really are having a blast together. :)

Sally is a fantastic instructor and Kitty is really my type of horse over fences, so today was a real blast! We have just a few more days until we get to romp around Fair Hill and I began to scheme with Sally about what event we should tackle after Flora Lea!

Karin had another great lesson with Sally on Addie, so it has been a super week all around!

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