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Monday, August 31, 2009

So no photos with this one...

Today was the first day we were without the working a very sad but busy day. Of course, we wish Sara and Melissa the best back at school and look forward to having Sara fit some riding time in around her classes and Melissa on the occasional weekend to visit her buddy Artie.

All the sad bits aside - it was a really awesome day! The weather was perfect!!! A bit chilly first thing in the morning (needed a sweatshirt) and then the sun broke through the clouds and it got up to the mid-70's....blissful riding weather.

Perhaps the horses knew it was an extra special day too? As it is a Monday, it was day for stretching exercises and checking their obedience to the unilateral aids. Tray was the first up and just lovely - big, round gaits and lots of push from behind. Artie was next up and just a peach to ride. Lexy was third on the list due to the fact Wyatt was busy taking a nap...silly boy. In any case, she was really a treat and is quite supple for her size. As Wyatt had begrudgingly gotten up from his nap, he was the fourth horse (and I will admit) the highlight of the day. His canter is only getting better and for all the power in his trot, it is really getting soft and elastic... *sigh* Kitty was #5 and while she would have rather been out on Cross Country (again), she was a star also. Lacy was my last ride of the day and while it has been quite a while since I rode her, she is developing into one of the more straight forward horses I've ever had the pleasure of riding. There is no agenda, her balance is well established and for all she is 17 hands, you don't feel like you are on a BIG horse.

So for a tally on today, that is 2 Adamant offspring, 1 Again and Again, 1 Waldaire and a Weltmeyer....not too shabby for a Monday with ideal weather. :)

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