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Friday, September 25, 2009

Multi-faceted horses with many jobs!

Well, if you would like to look and see a bit of a horse of a different color - here is "Al" also known as Abundant Legacy! He is by our Adamant out of his owner Antonia's treasured mare Legacy (1/2 Crabbett bred Arabian 1/2 Appaloosa). His trainer/rider Hoppy is a staff member of River Hills Foxhounds ( and she is thrilled with how he is performing in his first season...

This was Al's second hunt ever and this is what his trainer/rider had to say...
"Ellie and Anne, This was the 2nd time I hunted Al, and this time he did not have a buddy to take the lead if needed. He went everywhere, even pushing through the corn to get around a huge fallen tree. He jumped everything that got in our way, has figured out how to twist and turn on the paths at speed (I really like my knees- the 1st time I had to show him that straight lines thru trees was not in either of our best interests!) and we had to turn a hound back who was running heel and I could crack my whip on the run – he didn’t even flinch, never mind since the corn is still up you don’t know what is making the racket in there. You hope it is hounds and not a bunch of deer aiming for you. Just thought you’d like to know that Addy’s genes are doing a great job :) , Hoppy"

Congratulations to the entire staff at Whizard's Lair for raising such a lovely horse for Antonia! And our heartfelt thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

All photos courtesy of Janice Thompson.

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