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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fair Hill with Kitty and another busy day on the farm!

So Kitty and I did our first event together today. We had a blast! She is a rock star for the jumping phases and while dressage could use a bit of improvement on the communication front, the overall result was just AWESOME. We finished tied for 3rd in our division and have 2 weeks to practice for our next competition. :)

Congratulations are also in order for our working student Sara and her Welsh Cob cross Frank - they won their division! It was Frank's first outing and he is just 4 years old!!! Yay!

We had a new working student join us today from Peterboro, Ontario. Keegan will be with us for a few months and did a wonderful job with Bounce on her first riding experience here on the farm. Kudos go out to her longtime trainer Eddo Hoekstra for teaching her such excellent basics.

Ryan came at the end of the day and had lovely rides on both Ruben and Dillon. We head over to True Prospect Farm tomorrow (schedule permitting) with both horses for some off the farm experience.

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