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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some new footage is going up!

We had a 4* eventer out yesterday and he had a ride on a few of our horses, so there will be lots of footage going up on You Tube in the next few weeks. The various webpages will also be getting some new images added.

Ryan rode Dillon (Avebury WF) first and it was like watching two long lost buddies reconnect...Dillon was so happy to go FORWARD and once they started jumping he had a horse version of a ear to ear grin. There is a small amount of video footage of the first 5 minutes of the ride here -

Unfortunately, I forgot to put a fresh memory card in the camera, so there are no still images. *sigh* It is always the little details, right?

Next up was Ruben WF. He is just returning to full time work, so it was a treat to watch such a tall person remind Roo that forward is the only thing to do. Roo has a super active hindleg and is going to be a lovely horse for someone in the near future. As mom was shooting away with the still camera, I remembered that I should check the images...whoops, No CF card! So she went in search of a camera and then we got lots of pictures of Roo. It was very humid, so he looks like he was working really(!) hard but in reality, it was more of a WTC type of ride.

Video -

Oh well. We'll be doing this again in the near future, so more photos & video will follow in a few days.

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