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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's weaning time!

That time of year has arrived again! It almost makes me wonder - where did August go?

However, the foals are thriving and quickly crossing over into pest status with their mothers all of the time. So, this morning, we led the grateful ladies to their respective 'new' locations and there was not a peep from any of them!

The plaintive whinnies from the boys are another story. As their calls go unanswered, the noisiness will pass quickly and then they will settle into their new routine of solo status. Cousin Dolce (who has been on her own since July) is standing in her stall looking at them wondering what all the fuss is about!

The 2006 fillies have moved to the big barn for more intense handling before they go off for the start of their undersaddle training at Sport Horse Training, Inc. The lower barn seems quite full (we are maximum capacity), so suddenly there are lots of new chestnut faces amongst the usual occupants...a nice change as the Waldaire fillies are so very, very lovely.

So here are the first of the photos - all of the girls are by Wally and it is so awesome to be so close to starting them!!! :)

Wylie WF

Wilona WF

Waterlily WF (Millie)

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